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I was coming home from school and leave my backpack on the ground and went to
search the web
As i search i see a sonic thing that was kind off scary
i checked it and see that it's name was sonic.exe and it had a game for it too!
I downloaded it and opened it,didn't expect anything in the title screen
while in a split second a scary title appeared.
Sonic had red glowing eyes and the sega title was sega 666,the sky was bloody and the water was bbloody too!
I opened it and saw a weird thing...
Tails,Knuckles and Dr.Robotnick were trapped in 3 folders
While playing it for like 30 minutes in the end of the game a scary sonic picture appeared.
Sonic had red glowing eyes looking right at me saying in blood "I AM GOD"
and then the computer froze,a corrupted sound played and the system turned off.

I suddenly feel a strange presence behind me saying "THANKS FOR LETTING ME FREE"
as i turn the head i see sonic.exe behind me staring at me with that scary grin.
As i try to talk he disappeared and i got freaked out because was that an illusion i wasn't sure so i went in the internet from my smart phone since my computer wasn't working i searched for this weird thing that appeared to me.
When i searched that everything in the page was 666 and a big text was in the middle
of the screen saying "YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM ME"

And one day driving i hit something that looked like sonic and then when i got out i saw it was sonic but i wasn't sure if it was the exe form so i took him in the car.
As i was  home i noticed he woke up and asking "Where Am I?".
Suddenly my phone starts to do some weird things it was doing random stuff (it opened a folder,close it the volume moved it self and the phone was losing its battery...i was confused and take it near sonic the phone turned off.
Very confused i got to my room and while looking at the phone trying to charge it sonic.exe was staying behind me not saying anything.
As i didn't expect a thing i turn my head and see him staying there staring at me and very strange.
He said "OPEN THE GAME..." and i could hear the pc opened itself.
I went there and saw that my desktop was formatted there was only the game of sonic.exe said i opened the game and saw sonic.exe "GOOD YOU CAME BACK" as the game opened itself.
I see that sonic.exe was staying there and a loud corrupted noise played as i see a corrupted level was playing a broken music.
I see myself in the game as he did the movements i thought.
While my character was moving sonic.exe appeared i quickly hided.
But it didn't do anything he always finds you.
Sonic.exe came out the game and with his VERY deep and scary voice said "GOOD JOB YOU ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO PLAY THIS GAME" as he gave me a thumbs up.
He got in the game with a text appearing in the middle of the screen "YOU CAN ALWAYS MEET ME HERE" as i stay calm.
I got a little bit happy because i thought that sonic.exe tests your breavery and if you fail he kills you.(So if you meet him try to be brave)

To be continued...I am still working on this
Bye from me and from sonic.exe
Hello i am STEALTH47 and i like arts a lot i am gud for now and i think i can become a pro at this 


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I lik Milk :D
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